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1. Start

What is the profitability of the site?

We do not have a fixed rate, depending on the package, you get an increased profitability based on the number of purchased ads, number of views, hot clicks, speed of purchases, etc. But testing our NEYROBOTa since 2020, the average yield showed up to 33% per annum per month.

2. How our NEUROBOT works

Estimation of parameters

We evaluate more than 100 parameters of an advertising campaign, ranging from the current trend and ending with keywords, seasonality, key regions for search, etc. are also assessed. Our NEYROBOT is unique, so we will not fully describe all the key factors of work and small nuances.

Advertising campaign

After collecting the information, an advertising campaign is automatically formed, followed by placement in Yandex Direct, Google AdWords, viral advertising using viral videos, etc. There are a lot of advertising platforms at the moment, for each product different advertising companies are used, which are more effective for a group of products

Our platform

Our platform is connected to several cashback aggregators at once, where a large number of online stores, partner sites, marketplaces, etc. are located.

Viral advertising

As soon as the client, attracted by our viral advertising, makes a payment for the goods or, for example, a travel voucher. The cashback aggregator immediately notifies us of the payment. The bounce rate for our ads is less than 1%, which allows you to pay without waiting for the product or service to reach the client.

3. Use of the Site


To start earning, you need to top up your advertising balance. On the neyrobot.com website, go to the "Replenishment" section, select a payment system that meets your criteria. You can send your wishes and suggestions for connecting additional payment systems to the technical support mail or write to us in the telegram bot.

Advertising campaign

After replenishing the advertising balance, our NEUROBOT, in automatic mode, begins to form an advertising campaign that corresponds to your budget. Next, the advertising platforms are replenished and the work is launched, which takes no more than 48 hours.

Withdraw funds

Admitad’s holder time can be 15-90 days. We carry out conclusions as payments from admitad.

4. Withdraw funds

Referral reward and your cashback

Your account has two sections for withdrawing funds: referral reward and your cashback from the advertising campaign. We go to the "Withdrawal of funds" section, select which section to withdraw from, then - the preferred payment system and click "Withdrawal". The money will be credited to your banking details.

5. Withdrawal restrictions

Withdrawal restrictions

Our company does not limit your income, does not cut your finances. According to your package and referral rewards, you can withdraw unlimited USD. There is only a minimum withdrawal threshold of 20 USD.

6. Miscellaneous accounts

You have three accounts on your account.

1. The advertising balance is the amount of the budget and all funds received from the replenishment.
2. Cashback account is the account to which cashback is credited to you.
3. A referral account is an account to which all referral rewards are credited to you.

7. Cashback waiting time

Cashback waiting time

We do not have a cashback waiting time, since our advertising balance (deposit) is not withdrawn, but is partially in operation and the failure rate for our advertising campaign is less than 1%, we can pay without delays and expectations when the cashback aggregator pays us a commission ... Also, in our advertising campaigns, the budget of the companies was initially set at $ 100,000, which is replenished regardless of the funds received from it.

8. When can I withdraw funds from my advertising balance?

When can I withdraw funds from my advertising balance?

Withdrawal of funds from the advertising balance (deposit) is not provided. Your robot will work until you earn + 350% to the deposit, all the funds that you receive from the robot work, you will receive cashback on your account. After which the robot will stop and the advertising balance will be reset. To start the robot again, you will need to replenish your advertising balance.

9. How is your cashback generated?

Cashback percentage

The percentage of cashback that goes to the company is the main income of the company. This may be 100% per annum per month of your advertising balance. Based on our expenses for our activities, we give our clients and partners up to 33% per annum per month. All charges are made automatically.

10. Who credits you cashback?


The funds are paid to us by cashback aggregators. We do not need direct agreements with cashback aggregators. All over the world, there are large cashback aggregators that have agreements with large and small online stores and global brands.

11. Multiccounts


Creating multicacts is strictly prohibited. The system reveals them in several parameters and, when the check is started, can block them without restoring it. We ask you to follow the rules and refrain from creating multiccounts.