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Terms of Service

Provision of advertising campaigns and advertising services

1. Provisional position

By accepting this user offer containing all the essential terms of the Agreement (as defined below), you, as an individual identified as the "Customer" (hereinafter "Customer" / "You"), confirm acceptance of the terms of this Agreement in the online system advertising www.neyrobot.com and you enter into this agreement with <strong> TRADEBOT SYSTEMS LIMITED </strong>, company number 12934666, located at 64 Pocock Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 0BH - hereinafter - "TRADEBOT" and / or "Company", "We", "Party".

2. Subject of the contract

TRADEBOT-undertakes to provide advertising services for third-party goods (hereinafter referred to as" Services") in the amount, the established quality and within the terms specified in this Agreement, and the Customer undertakes to pay for the Services in accordance with this Agreement.

TRADEBOT-undertakes to pay the Customer up to 60 % of the commission (cashback) received from trading platforms for clients attracted at the Customers expense.

3. Advertising placement and targeting

TRADEBOT-undertakes to place advertising, at the expense of the Customer, to take all measures for efficiency and suitable criteria for advertising placement.

TRADEBOT-can make decisions where and in what quantity to order advertising, the time and exact dates of advertising placement are not regulated

TRADEBOT - can use different types of advertising, ranging from targeting, viral advertising, use video clips to attract customers.

TRADEBOT - does not guarantee you will see conversions, clicks, location of ad impressions, in relation to any ad or ad group.

4. Placement of advertising information

The customer undertakes to pay the full cost of all types of advertising in the online TRADEBOT system.

TRADEBOT, at its discretion, may use the funds received from the Customer for advertising.

The Customer authorizes TRADEBOT to use automated software to access the website related to the provision of Advertising Services, in order to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertisement in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

5. Termination of an advertising campaign

TRADEBOT can cancel any advertisement at any time. The broadcast of an advertisement in the TRADEBOT online system will stop after the end of paid impressions, ad display periods.

6. Assignment

The customer has the right to assign, transfer or otherwise assign his rights and (or) obligations under this agreement only with the written agreement of the company. TRADEBOT may entrust the performance of its obligations to a third party or another company without the consent of the Customer.

7. Force majeure circumstances

Neither Party will be liable for failure to fulfill or delay in fulfilling any obligations under this agreement if this failure or this delay in performance is caused by force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, wars, terrorist acts, civil unrest, labor conflicts, changes in legislation, etc.

8. Other provisions

This agreement constitutes an offer to conclude an Agreement. The customer accepts the terms of this agreement by electronic clicking (signing) and accepting the terms in the TRADEBOT online advertising system.

The agreement (contract) can be amended by TRADEBOT at any time at its discretion. When correcting the agreement, the Customer is notified in his personal account on the companys website.

9. Applicable right

This Agreement is governed exclusively by the laws of the United Kingdom. All disputes, disagreements or claims arising out of or in connection with this agreement, including those concerning its validity, violation or termination, shall be resolved in the UK in accordance with the UK International Arbitration Center (HKIAC) Rules in force at the time of the filing of the claim ...