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Roadmap NeyROBOT

Our roadmap may change based on the current situations in the company, the timing may decrease or increase as the company develops.


Our statistics speak for themselves

Place the first advertising campaign and start earning!



Advertising companies






Average yield per year


Why do we need our own crypto exchange?

Most of the projects that we offer become more expensive over time. For example, an application in the "idea" stage costs nothing. At the same time, when everything is ready, advertising is set up, the PR machine is launched and monetization has begun, the same application can cost hundreds of millions. The exchange is needed so that each partner can independently choose profitable investments and, if necessary, quickly add funds to withdraw from the system.


Why do we need our own token?

Neyrobot is also a startup. We forecast an increase in the value of assets, and therefore an increase in the value of shares and high dividends. By creating digital stocks, we open up investment opportunities for people from overseas. We are especially interested in the countries of the European Union and the Arab Emirates. We are confident that a business that specializes in business development will be in demand for more than a dozen years.


Neyrobot opens up a complete educational platform.

It will help to form a positive image of Neyrobot projects, help improve the qualifications of the companys employees and turn into a full-fledged self-sustaining project. Types of trainings that we plan to conduct:

  • Investment, risk management, business law.
  • Project management. From idea to implementation
  • Sales and building full-fledged sales departments.
  • Market capture strategies, business adaptation to modern value systems.
  • Customer acquisition and retention tools